We had the Northern Italy tour, and were transferring to Florence, while the rest of the group was continuing to Sorento. We had information stating we had a transfer to Florence from Montacatini, however our tour guide had "no transfer" on her info. She left us stranded at the hotel, did not help us get a train schedule, did not let us know we could get a train ticket at any of the Tabacco shops, and didn't even tell us how to get to the train station from the hotel. This is just one of the many complaints from many of us about our tour guide, Ana Dinis. All she did was smoke and talk on her phone. Soooo disappointing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

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We were surprised to read that the clients had information stating they had a transfer from Montecatini to Florence. We took the time to follow up with the clients travel agency that booked their trip for them.

We confirmed a transfer was never booked or paid for. With that said, despite our guides best efforts to assist, we certainly regret any inconvenience.

In regards to the comments about Ana, she has guided for us for several years without incident. She consistently receives high scores on our surveys and on this tour in particular received many compliments on her services.

It is always unfortunate when personalities do not mesh and result in unflattering remarks such as these.

We certainly hope our clients did enjoy their time in Italy and hope to see them again in future.


There was NO "best effort to assist"; in fact, there was NO effort to assist. Don't sugarcoat.

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