I just booked my first trip with Gate 1 after having traveled with a competitor for many years. I must say I'm extremely disappointed already and we have not even left.

I booked a special package to Bangkok and input the dates I wanted to depart and return. The package showed available and I paid it in full. Additionally, I then purchased the connecting airfare separately in order to connect to Los Angeles. A day later I received a phonecall that my hotel package was not available for the dates I had purchased the airfare and there is an error?

I have a hotel package starting two days after arrival to Bangkok and departing two days after my flight departs Bangkok? How is this even possible when nowhere in the entire booking process does it tell you there is a conflict? Additionally it includes airport transfers on the hotel days, not the days we actually arrive and depart from the airport in Bangkok? If my return flight is November 26 I am not able to make an airport transfer on November 28?

I called reservations and been offered a refund but I really wanted to take my children on this trip. Additionally we have already spent money on the connecting flight that are not refundable because Gate 1 confirmed the trip!!!! I think its quite ridiculous to be honest and would have expected a different solution than a refund and/or offer to pay additional hundreds of dollars to correct your mistake. I wrote and email and wanted to be contacted by a supervisor or someone who can take care of this or at least work with me for a solution.

I was sent an email back with no greeting, just station we can refund you or you can pay more to get the right dates. No refund for the 2 nights I am not using because my flight departs two days before those dates???? I now have to find my own hotel to cover the first 2 nights at my own cost but I also asked if we could at least get the airport transfer on the correct dates. I received no response to this, sent via email......

I work in travel for a living so its even more frustrating when you can't get a response or reason with anyone at Gate 1. I guess there is a reason to why they don't publish any email contact info on their site.

At this point, I don't even know if my trip is still happening because I have not been told if the ticket was issued. So I will have to set time aside today to call and try to figure out Gate 1's mistake.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

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Hello, did you get any new information about this trip? I was thinking about booking with them.


We do sincerely apologize for the lapse in service you received. We do understand that a manager from our reservations department has reached out to you in order to address your concerns.


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