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Please be warned, this company was not helpful when we were stranded, they would not help us meet up with the tour group after our fights were cancelled, they wanted us to deal directly with the airlines even though we were having so many problems rebooking two consecutive cancelled flights. They seemed really helpful when we were buying the tour and answered all our questions, seemed friendly, BUT, once we set off on our trip they were very unhelpful when we encountered problems.

Worst customer service I've ever experienced. Please do your research before booking with any travel company, especially this one.

We ended up canceling our dream Italy vacation because of their lack of help when we needed them most, fortunately we bought our own insurance so we got our money back, but our other family members who did make it on the trip said the accommodations and meals were sub-par, and they felt ripped off. Beware.

Original review posted by user May 02, 2017

Beware of this company. Our family of 4 booked a trip to Italy for March 2017, unfortunately we experienced many problems trying to get help from them when our flights were cancelled 2 days in a row (snowstorm, then mechanical failure).

In the end, they did not help us rebook flights (they recommended we deal with the airlines directly, which was a significant challenge), or reconnect with the tour when we missed two days; instead they were more concerned about us admitting on the phone that we were cancelling (not sure why they were so concerned about us confirming we were cancelling since they have a no refund policy and we purchased trip insurance ourselves). Two of the group did make it (took an alternative flight, while the other two didn't get past the storm in NYC). Fortunately for the two of us who didn't make it our trip insurance (through TravelEx) paid us back 100%, and unfortunately for the two who did make it, they endured rushed tours of places they were so excited to see (the colosseum in Rome for example), and their accommodations and dining provided through this tour company were sub-par in quality on many levels (pictures on the internet unfortunately appear much better than the reality). I wrote to this company when we returned home (after surviving 42 straight hours awake at the airports, trying to get to Italy at first, and then home when we gave up trying), they never replied.

I am disgusted with their lack of concern over their customer's experiences, the lack of help with their emergency assistance personnel (what a waste of time on the phone with this very unhelpful man, who later lied to our daughter when she called them out of concern for our welfare being stuck in the airport for so long).

Please read other's reviews carefully before making a decision for yourself, I wish I would have done that BEFORE we booked our dream (turned nightmare) trip to Italy. Best wishes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel 11 Day Enchanting Italy Tour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: provide customer service, don't leave people stranded, train your staff to actually help.

Gate1travel Cons: Very poor customer service.

Store Location: 455 Maryland Dr, Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA

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I have read a number of Gate1 reviews doing my research for a proposed holiday and I think the adage ' you get what you pay for' seems to sum up the Gate1 experience comments.

If a price seems too good to be true do your homework is my advice. So after reading many reviews I will follow my own advice and look elsewhere.


Thanks for your review. You probably saved me a headache. I will look elsewhere.


Fairfax, VA


It is always unfortunate when winter storms effect travel plans and we do understand how disappointing this can be. While our staff does their best to provide the options available we are sorry if you felt they were not helpful. We are glad to know that you did have travel protection but certainly regret if any part of the trip did meet your traveling companions expectations.

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