My wife and I are experienced and frequent travelers. In the past 20 years we have visited all seven continents (yes, even Antarctica), and upon completing two scheduled and paid for trips this year we will have logged 92 countries.

We have used many different companies, including Gate1. I only mention this so you can appreciate that we have seen and experienced about anything one could imagine. And it has all been a grand experience, even the few bumps in the road. My advice is to embark on each trip as an adventure, laugh at the mishaps, chalk it up as an experience, and come home happy.

We are leaving with Gate1 in a few weeks to Albania, then up the Adriatic coast, ending up in Venice. As with our previous Gate1 trips, we are excited and anxious to see what adventures are awaiting us.

Take my advice and pack a positive attitude in your suitcase. Life's too short to get upset if something isn't always perfect.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Gate1travel Pros: Great destinations, Great price, Super local guides.

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