On June 14, 2017 at around 11:30am, AZ time, I contacted Gate1 travel concerning the 11 day Affordable China with 4 Yangtze River cruise (LA) special. I talked to Edward (number for agent provided upon request).

I inquired if I could pay the whole price of this tour including land and air, can I book the tour and not use the flights from L AX and back since I will already be in Hong Kong. He truly never let me finish, he had to talk over me. Then he apologized and said, "Oh sorry I didnt let you finish. So I said again that I am willing to pay the whole fare, I didnt want to take the air amount off.

He stated that they didnt advice that and I asked "Who doesn't advice that and is there a reason? Was it a Visa requirement with flight, or what? He stated it was just what the package is and you cannot change it (of course speaking over me again). Then I asked him if there was someone else that could answer my question and he said that there was no one there that could answer that question.

(Of course speaking over me again). I said I just truly want to know why they say it is not advisable and he said, in very unprofessional manner and in a raised voice, "I just told you why we cant do it", that is when I asked for his employee number so I can pass his unprofessional behavior to whomever might be in charge of your travel representatives. I have only been on one tour with your company and the last tour my travel agent worked with your company reps, and she was put on hold disconnected, etc., and truly doesn't like to work with your company, now I truly understand why. I unfortunately already booked a tour in March through your company, because if I was treated like this from that customer service representative, I would never have booked the tour with you.

I travel a lot and will not recommend this tour company, unless you book directly online and have no questions. I am sure you have some representatives that are professional; especially your actual tour guides, but some new training needs to be done with this particular customer service representative.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: 455 Maryland Dr, Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA

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Hello,We sincerely apologize for any lapse in service when contacting us with your questions. Please know that we have reviewed and shared the concerns you have outlined with our management team. Please dont hesitate to call us and request to speak with a supervisor as we do want to be able to assist you.


When in doubt and not getting an answer you want than ask for a supervisor. But they are human too.

The CSR (customer service representative) will go the extra mile for the customer that isn't passive aggressive towards them and is patient and calm with them. Even if they aren't the best with us then we can try to change the course of attitude.

If that doesn't work.... "Supervisor name and number and I will wait for him/her please".


Even though the rep was rude, your question makes no sense. Why would you book land and air if you're NOT going to use the air?

You always have the option to just book land and do what you want with your own air bookings. Weird.


I too spoke to Edward unfortunately 2 times. He does not represent Gate1 in my opinion.

He is very rude and answers questions very abruptly. If I ever got him again I would simply hang up. But I have had other good experiences. The reason why he spoke this way to you is they do get commissions.

Edward doesn't deserve my time at all.

What I do is when I like the agent I get their extensions and call them directly even if I have to leave a message. I do also think that most of these agents work from their homes (?).


Kind of confused about your request, so I may be providing wrong info. Why don't you just purchase the land portion only?

Then purchase outside of Gate 1 the flights you need, if any. If there is an intra flight on the tour, it comes with the land portion.

Of course by doing this you risk your outside purchased flights if they cancel the tour. I normally purchase land/air together through Gate 1, for this reason, but once used miles for the air purchase and took the chance.

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