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I completely agree, however the amount of money collected in tips was more like $3,700 for the tour guide, and $1600 for driver and $1400 for the assistant.That's about $9,300.00 in tips, for 12 days work, and if there is another trip right after that, we're talking $8,000 us dollars a month just in tips for the tour guide alone.

Since the minimum wage in Morocco is $400 US dollars a month, and the "average" actual wage for a college-educated high school teacher, for instance is $700 US dollars a month, someone is really cleaning up on these tips. i'm not sure if Gate 1 might even be extracting a kickback from the employees on part of their tips.

Finally, it's a racket, and clearly not understood by customers ahead of time.instead, it is laid on them at the very end of the trip and they are made to feel guilty if they do not participate in the full amount of the "suggested' tip.

Reason of review: Other issue.

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