On Nov.15,2015,we had a trip booked by GATE1 TRAVEL through Turkish Airlines FL. # TK 1361 for a trip to Rome,we flew from San Francisco,CA to Istanbul,Turkey, we had a layover of 4hrs.so we waited till 2 hrs.before to go to gate 305 ,the 7 of us were seated in GATE 305 waiting for announcement ,I watched Gate 305, I didn't see people entering the gate except employees,before 9P.M. we saw GATE 305 closed and we panicked, we didn't see any passenger entering that gate,so 7 of us went to information near Gate 215 per instruction from a lady Turkish Airline employee who was rude,once we were at information,we were told to go to Passport control,we were in line for almost 1hour & then Passport control said that we need VISA, told to go to VISA office,we went to VISA office & was told to go to Turkish Airline office,when we told VISA office that we were told by Turkish Airline to get VISA then he slammed my passport & told us to pay 30Euro each, we decided to go back to Turkish Airlines, that's when we met Julia-employee who told us that she can help us but we have to pay again for our trip to ROME since we missed our flight, she informed us that 2 days before we arrived ,Turkish Airlines were informed that they cannot use overhead paging,no sign of flights at Gates, no wonder we missed our flight because paging overhead was cancelled and we were never informed,this is our first time to use TURKISH AIRLINES and we had the worst experience of our life, we never missed a flight and here we are in ISTANBUL,TURKEY missing a flight, this was an awful experience when we were told to go in circles, it seems like nobody knew what to do & where to advise us to go, it was very disorganized ,we missed our hotel 1 night that we paid for, we missed our EURAIL PASS reservation & the trip we're supposed to go to Florence/PISA ,Italy, we missed a lot of fee reservation for our Eurail pass then Turkish Airlines made us pay for another trip on top of that.

Finally, Julia booked our flight for Rome on Nov.11,2015 & it was booked under my brother in law- Carlito Farin.

passengers from Chicago- Carlito Farin, Alma Farin, Marlene Tanquilut, Tessie Carlos

passengers from San Francisco- Des Zamora,Norma Zamora, Bienvenida Valdellon.

Due to this awful experience, we were unable to notify GATE1 Travel regarding our missed flight & it was about 3AM when we realized we didn't call GATE 1,we called Emmanuel-supervisor @Gate1 when we arrived in Rome airport, he told me to check in 10min. if he can get a driver for us,when I called back he said no driver, I got a call back from Valentina-Gate1 telling me it's our fault for not calling & told us we were picked up last night & unable to pick-up today & told us to take a taxi, we took a cab & had to pay 120 Euro,I know it's not your fault but we want to get reimbursed for the 120Euro we spent for taxi,we recruited 5 of my family/friends to experience GATE 1 Travel, this is their FIRST TIME to use GATE 1 TRAVEL & this is the experience they have encountered with us,we've used GATE 1 TRAVEL 2x & I was telling them we had a great experience I hope you will be considerate in reimbursing us the 120 Euro even though we had to pay $490.00 & $630.00 on top of our trip with you and other fees.I would like to appeal with you to refund us for that taxi fee alone.I have the receipt with me.

Thanking you in advance.


Norma Zamora/ Des Zamora

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $120.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Gate1travel Cons: Poor customer service.

Location: Rome, Lazio

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