First, I have enjoyed numerous trips with Gate 1 and have recommended the company to many people - but that will stop. I have found a flaw in their system and future clients should be aware before they choose to utilize Gate 1 travel.

Secondly, my upcoming trip to Dubai including transfers to the hotel from the airport and I usually go a day early A) in case of flight delays/problems B) to rest and be ready to go with the tour group. It makes sense and the majority of people I meet on Gate 1 trips also do the same. At no point did I have a concern or warning I would have to find my own way to the hotel from the airport; it worked well to arrive a day early with my Gate 1 Japan trip in March as well as Gate 1 Peru trip in June. I was told would have to book my first night on my own but that was it - and it was easy to do with Crowne Plaza Dubai.

My travel doc are ready in August and yes, I have transfers from the airport to the hotel but the day after my arrival. No problem, call Gate 1 and they will change it. No...A BIG NO! Three company reps later Gate 1 does "not have travel arrangements to pick clients up a day early" which is rather odd as THEY ARE A TRAVEL COMPANY.

Yes, I purchased a Gate 1 trip with air, transfers, hotel but their excuses are clear that they do NOT VALUE CUSTOMERS.

I had two trips planned for 2018 with Gate 1 - and no I will look elsewhere. This is unacceptable and I will continue to be very vocal!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Location: 455 Maryland Dr, Fort Washington, PA 19034, USA

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I have traveled with gate one numerous times. It is clearly stated that transfers are NOT included if you travel early or stay later.

I do however, feel the hotel and meal quality has been declining on my last few trips.

Does anyone have an alternate company which offers similar tours? We have used ric Steves with satisfaction but all travel arrangement need to be made separately.



We regret if there was any misunderstanding related to your transfer. Please understand that once you add a night either at the start or end of your tour, the transfers are no longer included as our transfers are available based only on your original date of departure. That said, we do see that someone has tried reaching out to you to discuss.


I think you missed the point of gate 1.....they arrange travel for GROUPs traveling together.....if you want custom go pay for it....


I have many times arrived a day early or left a day later for my Gate 1 tours. However, I have known in advance that your included transfer is void and you have to make arrangements yourself to get to the hotel/ airport.

I have a Mexico tour planned for April 2018. I am extending the tour by one day. I already know it is my responsibility to get to the airport on my own...my included transfer is void.

Check with your hotel and see if they offer a free transfer. Normally, I arrive/depart by cab, but on at least two occasions, the hotel had a free transfer.


Hmmm... missed the point!

Gate one had transfers a day early on numerous trips I’ve taken including my recent Peru and japan. Not having it to Dubai was total new to me. Yes I used to travel on my own... for decades.

But it’s much harder as senior citizens now. Oh to be young and know all.

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