I booked a trip in Dec 2018, I needed to change the travel dates, I called two months before my trip in Sept 2019 to reschedule due to my son graduating from Navy Bootcamp.

They told me no military was not a good enough reason, that I’d have to cancel and they’d keep almost $2000 and I could book a new trip at the new $3,000 rate.

They told me to contact the insurance company and now they’ve blamed their vendors, it’s everybody’s problem but theirs. I missed the trip and lost $2,000 for my portion, my bf traveled solo with strangers.

NO fun! Don’t do business with this company.

They have a $50 change fee why not let me use this and change my trip instead of taking my money?

Greedy company only looking out for themselves.. read reviews you’ll see.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Gate1travel Pros: Cheap vacations.

Gate1travel Cons: Lack of customer service care, Blame their vendors and customers, Refuse to offer options when you need to make a change.

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Next time use ACIS. They truly stand behind their product. And yes they are more money but then agaibn you do get what you pay for!


So you assumed your grad wouldn't graduate, booked a vacation during that time and when you found out they WOULD graduate, your non-refundable vacation wasn't refundable so that you could attend a graduation, you complain? Why on earth would any company give you a refund in this situation?

You deserve special treatment because this is a "military" graduation? I don't think so.


Your final payment is due at least two months prior to travel, of course a graduation won't be considered an emergency, military or otherwise. These are scheduled way in advance. If you neglected to schedule your vacation around a graduation ceremony, that is on you.


It’s also possible you’re used to dealing with companies with terrible customer service. It was my first and last experience.. My review is for military families who have leave approved and then changed unexpectedly by the US military should avoid this company.


Why would you get special treatment because you failed to consider a graduation when planning a vacation? A graduation isn't a deployment.

You would not have gotten a refund from any other airline or travel company for this reason, so I hardly see this as a "Gate 1 problem". You are being unreasonable and bitter for your poor planning decisions.


It is completely my problem because they could have helped but chose not to. This isn’t like a college graduation where you know years or months before what your grad date will be.

The week of navy graduation they still have to pass one more test that will determine if they graduate or not. This is the militaries way. There were families headed to graduation that were turned around because their sailor recruit did not pass. Guess what those hotels and airlines used were on the approved/ suggested list of companies to use.

My review still stands .. this company will not work with you if you are a military family .. use a tour group that will.

They will keep your money and blame the insurance co or their land vendors. The insurance & land vendors blame Gate1.


So what happens if you paid in full in Dec 2018.. they got your money ..

you lose. So moral of the story don’t pay in full ..

or better yet. Use another tour company

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