I contacted Gate1 on June 19th. to begin reserving a 16 day trip to Thailand with Phuket.

I was charged $228.00 per person for the Package Airfare Supplement out of JFK on Dec 26/2013. The Package Supplement for the same trip was been offered on June 24 for $28.00. I contacted Gate1 right away to findout why I was charged so much more and was told that prices are set by the airline, so I contacted China Eastern and I was told that only Gate1 can control the final price and only Gate1 could resolve my complain.

I called back Gate1 and was told, that pricing was set by the luck of the draw. Therefore, I was simply out of luck for booking so soon.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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They do not believe in Cutomer satisfaction once you have booked a trip. Totally non- responsive.

You can leave messages till cows come home.

They are very rigid. It took three months and innumerable phone and e-mail messages to get a pre and post Russian River Cruise hotels.

How to contact corporate customer care?

Chet Jain

Scheduled for Sept 23, 13 day Russian River Cruise.


Yes, the final price is set by the tour operator, but they change prices generally as they see pricing changes by the airlines, which happen continuously, something you should know.

I have seen supplements go up and down as airline pricing changes.

Have you ever bought something on sale, and asked to pay the pre-sale price? Of course not. You might be unhappy that you bought an item one day , only to see it go on sale the next. This is like that.

If you think you are due any refund in this case, you are truly a ***.


You are the one who is an *** You can't even spell anonymous!


Bull sheat :grin


We have been in touch with our client and have throughly reviewed her concerns.

Gate 1 Travel


Gotta say I don't believe you. There are way too many bad reviews from people not just on this site, but others such as Yelp, etc. We were thinking of buying one of your packages to Greece, but now are looking to do it on our own, or go with someone else who doesn't have the large volume of complaints (year after year) that you do.

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