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Gate 1 Travel is a scam. I attempted to book several Italy tours with this company and was pushed around for 3 months because they were unable to confirm hotels.

I cancelled my trip the first time because the supervisor and the customer service representatives were absolutely horrible. I attempted to rebook again because I was so close to my leaving date because they were unable to accommodate my reservation, and the same problem happened again. There only response was that there company was not "good" at doing last minute trips, even though they were the cause of it being a last minute trip, and that I was better off booking through

This is a sad excuse for a company and I would never recommend them to anyone. I booked my airline/hotels/transfers online for 600 cheaper in one day without a 3 month headache.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Gate1travel Cons: Problem resolution, Entire tour company, Extemely poor customer service.

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We are sorry to hear that we were unable to confirm the services you were seeking. Regrettably, it is the case that when booking close to departure, it can be challenging to do so, particularly as this is a busy time for travel. We do see that you have been in communication with a supervisor and do hope that you will keep us in mind for your future travel needs.


Gate 1, did you read his complaint???? He said that he was pushed around for three months, and Gate 1 is the reason it became a last minute trip.

The customer seemed to have no trouble booking last minute travel in one day, according to his last sentence.

Not sure why Gate 1 couldn't have done that. I don't think he will be keeping you in mind for his "future travel needs."

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