Don't know where all these bad reviews are coming from! People, you need to remember that flight schedule changes are not the fault of Gate 1.

I am from Canada and in May of last year my husband and I booked a 14 day trip to Italy with Gate 1. We had never been to Italy before and we were a bit nervous about using this company instead of a local Canadian travel agent. However we were so very pleasantly surprised and so glad we used Gate 1! This was a totally awesome and amazing trip. We stayed in first class hotels, ate fabulous meals, saw absolutely EVERYTHING, had a great tour guide (Fabio), made a lot of new friends, had great customer service, and got it all really cheap. Even with the exchange rate of the Canadian dollar we STILL saved over $1,000 EACH over the cost of the same trip with a local canadian company!! We had one minor problem and that was that I am allergic to mushrooms and at one of the specialty dinners, EVEN THOUGH Fabio told the staff there 3 times IN ADVANCE to serve me an al8dish, when my order came it contained mushrooms. So I called Fabio over and told him. He was very upset and concerned and apologized profusely and PERSONALLY spoke to the chef. The chef and Fabio both approached my table and quickly apologized. The poir chef looked like he was going to cry. Apparently Fabio gave the poir guy a real talking to. Anyway, the problem was quickly resolved when the chef prepared a scrumptious seafood dish for me. It was so good that my fellow travel companions were jealous! Then, after the meal both Fabio and the chef apologized AGAIN and, to top it all off, at the end of the meal, one of the serving staff (who was the chef's daughter) came to my table with a small gift bag containing a small bottle of olive oil and lemoncillo liquor (both produced on site) with a lovely card of apology!! It was a nice touch but totally unnecessary as no harm had been done and the problem had already been resolved very satisfactorily.

I actually felt bad for Fabio and the chef.

Awesome customer service and such an amazing effort to make things right. I HIGHLY recommend Gate 1 travel to all and will most definitely use them again.

Travelled May 22/14.


Reason of review: Good customer service.

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

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