The MS Deutschland Rhine River boat suffered from an acute infestation of the Noro virus throughout the summer of 2007. Noro causes vomiting, diarrhea, headache and muscle pain 24 to 48 hours.

Gate 1 was clearly aware of the problem as they receive regular reports from their cruise directors. I purchased an airfare/cruise package from Gate 1 in March 2007 to travel in September. The high likelihood of catching the virus was never revealed to me. Not surprisingly of course, my wife and I and our traveling companions all got sick and our vacation was ruined.

Upon return, Gate 1 disclaimed any responsibility and suggested that the Rhine was rife with Noro. This is untrue but was used as an excuse to dismiss our claim for any significant reimbursement They reported that Viking Cruises and Grand Circle Travel trips had Noro infections. Both companies have told me that this is untrue. Gate 1 customer has suggested that they might take legal action regarding my complaints as I go forward.

I continue to feel that Gate 1 knowingly risked our health and well being and addresses complaint as 'luck of the draw'. They have lied, threatened me and selfservingly dismissed claim for fair compensation. This travel disaster could easily have been avoided.

It should now be made right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Vacation Package.

Location: Sebastian, Florida

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I was on a Grand Circle River cruise last year on the Rhine. At least 12 passengers were sick for at least 3 days with what seemed like Noro, 4 of them part of our group of 10.

I know from comments made by crew members that several passengers and crew were sick on the previous cruise that terminated the day we arrived. It seems that Noro is present on many River cruise ships.


They threatened me via email.

There was no prior notice of the norn problem on the ship.


First off if they threatened you, was the conversation over the phone? Do you have prrof that Gate 1 was aware of this?

Did you know ahead of time that this had accured before?

Because if you did then your part to blame. But anyway if they were aware and they still booked you on the tour, find out who okay them to take travelers then take them down fighting.

You should be able to find information on the internet. Research first then bring them downhard

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