I have traveled with Gate1 before and found their services to be fine and reasonable.

I booked a trip to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore for August 2014. I was considering traveling to Micronesia early in August and thought it best to fly to Hong Kong directly from Micronesia and delete the LAX to Hong Kong leg of my tour with Gate1. I did not see a problem in not taking the flight from LAX to Hong Kong and picking up the tour in Hong Kong, although I knew that I would not get a full refund on that ticket.

Not only would I not get a refund, I would have to pay an additional $1798 not to take that flight!!! Let me say that again.......if I did not make the flight from LAX to Hong Kong I would not only lose the money that I paid for that flight, I would be charged an additional $1798.

I was happy to say good things about Gate 1 when they deserved it. I am also willing to disclose this kind of outrageous gouging. Gate 1 says that the airlines would make them cancel all the other flights in the tour....Hong Kong to Bangkok, Bangkok to Singapore, Singapore to LAX, if I was not on the flight from LAX to Hong Kong. I simply do not believe that.

An earlier poster suggested that if you had a problem with an airline to contact the airline, not Gate1. I tried that, the airline would not talk to me because I was booked through Gate1.

It is probable that some clause in the agreement with Gate 1 authorizes this kind of totally unreasonable action on their part. That does not make it fair and other travelers should know of it.

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IIRC, being an old airline employee, that's true. If you cancel the first/outbound flight then it cancels the entire itinerary.

And if you're traveling in August then you're so close in that there's not much to do. This really isn't Gate1.


As we were concerned by these comments a Reservations Department Supervisor has been in contact with this client to review all of their options.

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