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We get teased by the first hotel in Amman Jordan , but after that its not good, almost 3 stars at the most. Some smell like mildew and drapes broken.

Customer service is bad on most of them.Cats every where around us in and out the restaurants and outside terrace area begging for food .

Oh by the way they will only tell about the dead see , can't see it from the suppose view , They know you can't see it to much fog.The tour in Jordan has alote of daed time between the second day , iits almost a waste of day.

they should just charge us to go to the dead sea . we are 30 minutes awayand can't go.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience in Jordan. The hotel star rating in the US are not the same as they are in other countries.

A 5-star hotel in another company is not comparable to a 5-star hotel in the US. Good thing to keep in mind when you book future travel.

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