Think Twice about whether to even VISIT that country! primitive roads shared with Cattle and rickshaws You WILL get dysentary especially when the guide Virendra has you eat lunch outdoors with flies all over at truck stops. Also the Hotels with a few exceptiohs were...
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Having spent 3 weeks in India on our own during Feb 2012 - no Gate 1 - I have to comment on this post. I traveled with a Chennai native. We were both women in our forties. First of all, India is a very dirty country filled with very nice people who are quite poor and are brought up that it's every person for themselves. This is true in every third world country I have been to (and first world countries too!) I traveled to the N, S, E and W of India in those 3 wks and can say the hotels are for the most part very poor quality - remember that their rating system is vastly different from ours making a "3 star" hotel really a 1 star, and a "5 star" varies from an actual 5 (rare) to a 3 or 4 star. The elephant rides up the fort are fun, but they are not easy necessarily.

The trinket shops are overpriced and sell very cheap quality. You have to bargain! The Taj is wonderful and on my bucket list to see so I'm glad I went. Don't waste time paying for a safari in Ranthambore - you will not see any tigers - they keep killing them. DO see the ancient temples and forts! I am a seasoned traveler and was lucky not to get sick because I was OCD with washing every fruit with soap & water, then drying thoroughly with a napkin (which are hard to find in India, so I took extras from restaurants) then peeling the fruit! Do not eat salads, or anything that could have local water in it, unless it's hot coffee, tea, etc. Wipe the water off the plates or banana leaves at serve-yourself restaurants! Brush your teeth w/bottled water. I did all this and only got a cold as I tend to do when exposed to so much diesel (we did too many auto rickshaws).

India is definitely not for everyone, and the roads are a mess, so keep this in mind if booking a guided tour - you WILL be late to places! Overall I'm glad I saw this interesting country, but really have no desire to go back anytime soon.

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