My wife and I have scheduled a two week trip to France this October 2016 with Gate1 travel. We were very satisfied with the trip and sent the company a $400 no refund deposit.

Because of the recent terrorist activity in France we decided to postpone for now our much looked forward to trip and stay in the United States until we felt more secure for our safety. WE ASKED GATE1 FOR NOTHING MORE THEN ENOUGH TIME FOR US TO DETERMINE A WORKABLE SCHEDULE? NOTHING !!!!! KEEP OUR MONEY BUT GIVE US TIME ONLY.

We were offered two weeks to decide. They have chosen not to accommodate our request. They are keeping our deposit and are refusing to help us in any way. We refuse to commit to a $6,000 trip over a year in advance inorder to get only a small credit in return.

Perhaps this lesson with Gate1 is worth the money. I asked them to donate this amount to cancer or cardiac research programs.

Gate 1 will never get our business or business from anyone we know!!! SHAME ON THEM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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Buy trip insurance. That's what it is for.

The tour company has to reserves hotels rooms, restaurants, guides, and so on. They've already spent the money you sent them.


As a former travel agent, I'll say that many travel companies will treat your request the same way. With the tragic happenings of Sept 11, we had the majority of our booked customers wanting to change or cancel reservations.

At that time, there was no precedent. We had the displeasure of advising our travelers that, no, they could not cancel without losing money. (Travel agencies are not part of tour companies)

When traveling, purchase independant travel insurance and check to see if terrorism is covered prior to your purchase and what the process would be for cancelling. There are several companies and their reps will gladly walk you through the benefits to you.

I hope you never need to use it!


Same thing happen to us as well. We had travel with Gate 1 many times before.

But they totally refuse to give us any credit for the trip due to the Terrorist Attack. We bought the Travel Insurance Coverage through Gate 1, however, that only apply to the arrival Paris airport. If you arrive any other airports it doesn't cover at all.

Gate 1, you lost us forever.

Please donate our entire trip $4500 to the Charity as well. I hope but I don't think you would.



We understand a Reservations supervisor has already been in communication with the travel agent that you booked through to offer the available options. Should you have further questions, you may wish to reach out to your travel agent.

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