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I just got back from a trip in Morocco. Very interesting country.

I did not like our tour guide. His first name was Khalid. Arabians do not like women and they do not want to help us in any way. It was so hard to deal with him.

He didn't let us know what town we were going through. He did not explain things that we were passing. We found out from others what it was that we were passing. He talked about things that we never saw.

He talked a lot about healthcare!!!!!!!!!! Please let your tour guides know that they should respect other cultures and not just theirs. If he is going to be a guide for us, shouldn't he respect us as he does his culture? The driver was the greatest.

He knew how to drive on small narrow roads and how to get us through traffic in the cities and so much more. The helper he had so nice. We got bottle twice a day and so much more. They are the two who should have received a big tip.

Why did Khalid leave the night before we left. He was there for the dinner and was back at the hotel to get his tip but after that he was gone. I got food poisoning from the last dinner we had. I'm sure it was because the fish was not fully cooked.

But Khalid did not know because I did get sick till during the night.

It was a good trip though. I have now been to Morocco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour Guide.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was on the same tour. I thought our guide was amazing.

As a Canadian we asked about the healthcare of the country. The guide told us the name of every town/city that we travelled through.

I believe the author of the above statement was hard of hearing. She did ask questions that had just been answered


I was on the same trip and enjoyed my trip and our guide Kalied.

He was very knowledgeable and passionate about his country.

I was one of 4 RN's from Canada on the tour. I asked him questions about healthcare and how it compares to our country. So I am to blame if the other person felt he only talked about health care! Please do not blame Kalied.

He was very kind and considerate to everyone on the tour. He never favoured any one tourist.

I am sorry that the person was sick after our farewell dinner. It is not nice to be sick so far away from home.

I am not sure how Kalied could of helped though.

I never had any problems with any of the Moroccan men. We often went out walking in two's or three's in our free time and never experienced negativity towards woman.

I overheard other tourists in the group suggesting Kalied be nominated for Minister of Tourism.

Thank you Kalied for a fantastic trip!


We are pleased to hear that you enjoyed your time in Morocco overall. However, we are sorry to read of any unhappiness with your guide. We do take these concerns seriously and will share with our Management Team.

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