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For the sake of posterity and future travelers, I have begun my preparation for the recently purchased trip to Israel in December.After locking in the reservations, I've decided to plan this far out (June) so as to ensure I've analyzed every aspect of this trip and prepare.

So far, I've seen numerous travel videos on YOUTUBE but they were sole travelers and NOT with a group. I will continue to provide my insights & thoughts until such time I travel then i will provide an "after vacation" review so as to compare how well my planning paid off....If anyone else is headed to Israel in December, please shout out and stay tuned! Here we go.... Air Travel: My wife and I will be departing from IAD and making a layover in Zurich...Think about're given an economy seat where you will sit for approximately 12-14 hours...can your *** hold it? wife has back problems so she may be standing for a while and walking up & down the aisle for her backs sake....since it is UNITED airlines, I will be ready with my "John Wick" refresher training should the need arise.

I point out that if you want have one of those high-speed low drag business class bed-seats, that's gonna cost you an upgrade about $3K to lay down. The airline will NOT upgrade you since Gate1 has put a code on your travel that all has to be done through them (for a price). You can buy an "Economy plus" seat for about $189.00 which gives you extra leg room which I have done and added the $15.00 priority boarding which provides TSA pre-check privileges, quick boarding, and first access to overhead bins. Needless to say, upon arrival (3:00 PM) I have read that there will be a "reception dinner" that evening.....Man, nothing like coming down to a dinner after a 14 hours flight and you feeling like 3 people beat the sh*t outta you.....HOWEVER, As soon as my wife and I arrive at the hotel, we are going to drop our luggage off and walk 3 blocks to the SPA!

where I highly recommend a " 60 minute Swedish Massage" to rejuvenate you...That way, you can attend your dinner, have a good nights sleep, and wake up refreshed to start the tour while others drag their body-aching *** out of bed. So here's my first entry and will continue to post later...remember, if you're goin too..let me know!

_until next entry..Cheers

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