We recently completed a cruise in Eastern Europe.I noticed that the music was never pleasing.

One day I decided to pay attention and noticed it was music, sung entirely by blacks. Further, it was so loud that I turned it down all the way with the control in my room and it could still be heard. I complained to the front desk. The next day they played that music in the dining area.

And, on our last day it was heard on two television channels.

To my knowledge there were no blacks on the entire ship so the music was not appropriate at all.I would never book passage on a ship that focuses on black music, whether we want it or not.

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Seriously...this is your complaint? Unreal!


What a total *** you are.Ignorant doesn't even seem to begin to describe your described actions.

You are to be pitied!AWFUL human being.


You guys are seriously upset over them not appreciating black culture? It's an Eastern Europe trip, not a trip through the Congo. If the music has offensive lyrics, why would that be appropriate?

Laurel, Maryland, United States #1093930

Part of travel is learning and opening your mind.

Yours is closed...so why bother travelling?

Shame on you!

Savannah, Georgia, United States #1075316

You sound like an absolute ***! The only thing inappropriate on that ship was you.


you should like an awful human being. I am glad your trip was so thoroughly ruined by the "black music". Please don't travel if you are an insipid close mined individual.


OMG I do not even know what to say about this review. I hope never to meet this pathetic person in like. BTW im white.


What a racist, bigotted narrow minded comment. I am a Gate 1 guide and OMG I hope never to meet u!


WOW - your review is shocking. I think you could use a refresher course on cultural intolerance. I am very surprised that you enjoy traveling at all and certainly hope I never find myself on a tour with you.

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