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DO NOT EVER BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY. I'm sure you'll be just fine if you don't have any issues, but god forbid any issues come up- THIS COMPANY IS WORRIED ABOUT ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY- AND IT'S NOT YOU!

My best friend and I booked a trip to Greece through Groupon with Gate 1 Travel. I scheduled the trip to leave out of Cincinnati, which was where I lived at the time. Shortly thereafter I received a job in another state. Due to this, I needed to reschedule my flight to not be out of Cincinnati, but to the new city.

I called Gate 1, and explained the travel. I said I needed only to change the first and last leg of the trip to the new city, not the middle of the trip as I was stopping in Paris for a few days. 72 hours prior to leaving for the trip, Gate 1 moved my flight from Athens to Paris to where I would now arrive a day later than my best friend. However- they didn't touch her reservation.

Mind you, we booked this trip together, had all of our vouchers together etc. Now that they moved the flight, I won't be traveling with her, and I'm now missing our previously booked excursion. I called Gate 1 Travel to complain. Why would you move the middle flight when all I asked for were the flights bookending the entire trip I asked.

They then said they needed to review the phone call where I placed the original call. They said they would call me back by end of day- NOT. So here I am, 48 hours prior to leaving and I've completely lost a day of my trip and they couldn't care less. When I called back and spoke to a gentleman on the phone, I told him directly that I was going to write a horrible review of the company because of how each call was answered and handled.

Each time I called, I was met with condescension, where at one point the guy actually told me that I was "threatening" him for writing a review. I said it's not a threat, I'm telling you honest feedback, asking for help, and all you do is interrupt me when I try to tell you the issue. Of course I'm upset, but I'm not yelling, raising my voice or using foul language. I'm frustrated.

I've asked for the flight to be changed back and you tell me you can't. I this point I asked to speak to his supervisor, and his exact words to me were "I don't know if I feel like transferring you now". I have had wonderful interactions with other Groupon Getaway trip purchases, such as Affordable Asia and many others, but I would never, ever use this company again. It's full of horrible people who feel they have "power" because they are in charge of your itinerary and are not there to help you.

They care about selling trips, and not the people who keep them in business by buying their trips.

I will never use this company again, and I truly hope whomever uses them in the future doesn't have an issue, because if you do, they will literally laugh in your face. Shameful.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Vacation Package Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We are sorry to hear of your unhappiness with the service provided by our staff. We do understand that a supervisor was in communication with you prior to your departure to address your concerns.


We had NOTHING BUT TROUBLE with this company, I would give them a "0" rating if I could. Wish I would have read the reviews being using this company. TIP to anyone reading this: if you do use this company, then BUY trip insurance using TravelEx, but go through their site directly which is what we did and we bought the middle tier insurance but our daughter and her husband bought the same insurance company coverage (TravelEx) through Gate 1's site, and they got the low tier coverage for the same price we paid for the middle tier coverage---meaning Gate 1 offers the low coverage for double the price than what you will pay if you go directly through TravelEx (check it out for yourself!).


In regards to your comments about travel insurance, please know that the plan was created specifically for passengers of Gate 1 Travel and unlike other plans in the industry offered to direct consumers, the rates are not based on age of the passenger.


Interesting comment, we are much older than our daughter and we got much better insurance dealing directly with TravelEx, and they paid iur claim in full after we had to cancel our Italy tour with your company. It's the truth, people should know.

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