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Pretty much all of the employees are mindless robot *** who spit out generic ceap and act like they do not know anything which honestly is not far from the truth. The supervisors are much worse.

They train new employees for a week than throw them on the phones, give the a "hunt group" extension and just so you know they don't even respond or shall I say they respond to the ones they like and if they don't they leave you to drown and after the 30 "trial" run fire you for not fitting in. They don't even let us know the feedback we can fix it or do better.

The supervisors are absolutely horrible oh and do not reply with a generic response. More importantly they are racist!!!!

Location: Mechanicsville, Virginia

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We accept that terminated employees may be disgruntled, and in most cases we can accept their venting about the company that let them go, however, for someone to anonymously call us racist is unacceptable. Our whole business is designed to encourage others to experience the cultural diversity around the world .

We employ many different nationalities and ethnic groups in our offices around the world and our largest office here in the US. We take pride in the diversity of our staff and believe that diversity has greatly contributed to our success.

When charges of racism are lightly and falsely thrown around it makes the productive discussion of racial issues and the dream of a world with no racism that much harder to achieve.

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