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I haven't even went on the trip yet & i am already disgusted. I'm not sure why the customer service is lacking, but it needs to be addressed.

I don't want or expect a "cheerleader " on the phone when i call, but the 4 (yes 4) people that i spoke with were dry, dissmisive, rude & argumentative. If you are sitting in a comfortable chair in a climate controlled environment answering calls why are you upset? These calls can't be recorded or graded. One representative spoke to me as if i was remedial after i asked a simple question about the flight.

I dont even want to think about how they speak to customers with language barriers or speech impediments. Dont blame the customers or me because i stayed in school, earned 2 degrees and you chose to make a career at a call center! I have several people interested in booking but after the experience i had i plan on telling them to avoid Gate 1 Travel. Also, no need for your generic response Gate 1.

Please focus your energy on hiring more qualified educated employees. Your brand and first impressions are all failed miserably.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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No one STARTS work with an attitude. Its ONLY during the day while having to explain 50-60 times the SAME QUESTIONS and dealing with the ATTITUDES of the people calling in that someone gets in a bad mood.

Its a simple matter of you get what YOU give. Were YOU nice and polite? No, probably not. Or you were asking questions OUTSIDE the knowledge of the person YOU are dealing with and EXPECTING a answer.

Thats like having that annoying 4 year old child constantly asking "why?" and them throwing a tantrum when they dont get the answer they want. Perhaps YOU should look at YOUR phone etiquette as to the reason FOUR different people had the EXACT same responses to YOU. Hey Thurston Howell just because they didnt have someone pay for their schooling doesnt mean they are NOT educated. YOU show YOUR AFFLUENCE by making a comment such as that.

YOU PERSONALLY have NO IDEA what the other person on the other side of the phone has done in their life and its REALLY *** of YOU to make such ASSUMPTIONS. For all YOU KNOW they might actually have MORE degrees then YOU and just cant find work in their field.

But YOU know best and YOU KNOW everything and how dare anyone question how YOU speak to someone else on the phone. Do us all a favor and just go away.


We have travelled all over the world with Gate 1 and have not had one problem. There are some people who are never pleased and this looks like one of them.


You say you have two advanced degrees, yet you say, " I haven't even went"....Your degrees obviously weren't in English and proper grammar usage. The one trip Intook with Gate 1 to the Czech Republic was outstanding!


Ditto! I have been on 4 Gate 1 tours (New Zealand, Spain, Italy and Thailand) All were outstanding. I would recommend Gate 1 to everyone!

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