You must be aware of what this company is selling only. You get the hotels, bus driver, transfer service and tour guides and that's it.

Any problems you are on your own as if you were an independent traveler. There is no hotline or emergency number. Just a normal number during business hours. Flight problems?

You are on your own even if you purchased the flights through the travel agency. Poor inexperience customer service answers like go to the airport and line up with all the other passengers. They will advise you to call the airlines as long as you don't call them. They are not selling any comfort of security or responsibility.

There is no trust at all. I was lied to numerous times from different employees knowing they will not be held responsible for their actions. Truly a buyer beware. The prices seem reasonable until you add all the optional tour costs.

So if you use them have a back up plan for emergencies as they will not be there for you.

You be burning international minutes calling them hoping for help.

If you buy travel insurance they consider it protection for them so they will not be responsible for any problems. Good luck and hope you don't have a problem

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Simi Valley, California

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I am surprised. I am also disappointed but I will check around further and compare with others a little more thoroughly from now on.

I read Gate1 response. Thanks both of you.


It is always unfortunate when flight issues, such as delays or strikes, affect a trip. While we do have a 24 hour emergency number, which is listed within the travel documents, we do regret if you felt there was any lapse in service.

Naturally, we do our best to provide as much assistance as possible, however, regrettably we do not own or operate the airlines and must work with the airline carriers according to their specific polices. That said, should you have purchased travel insurance you may wish to contact your provider to discuss coverage at this time.

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