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Turkey is such a wonderful country, with its great cultural and historical assets.

Unfortunately, we chose the wrong company for this trip, because GATE1 TRAVEL delivers tours of very poor quality.

The hotel in Istanbul was old, poorly kept, and located in a seedy part of town.

In Izmir, the hotel was far from everything, so that we wasted a lot of time on public transportation to go to town.

Some of the other hotels during the tour were mediocre at best.

To add insult ot injury, we had to endure a tour guide who was anti-American, and spent the long hours on the bus putting down our values, our society, our way of living, and our people.

He even had the gall to to make disparaging comments about Christianity.

All 34 passengers on the bus were Americans.

When we confronted him, the result was interminable arguments that only reinforced his intent to go on with his speeches.

The atmosphere on the bus was very unconfortable, and some passengers were left with a bitter taste on their mouths at the end of the trip.

This was not what we paid for.

We will never again tour with GATE1 TRAVEL.

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I just finished a 13 day Turkey tour with Gate 1: all of the hotels were very good, one restaurant was not up to par and I understand Gate 1 will be dropping this hotel because of complaints. The tour guide was outstanding!

My last trip (Ecuador 2011) was just as good an experience!

The only problem I had was my room, in an otherwise acceptable hotel--and Gate 1 gave me a significant credit because of the condition of that room. I thought it was fair and didn't have to push them on it.

My next trip will be Gate 1, without any reservation!


Tour guide make most of their salary from tips after the tip, I question your post about the tour guide go out of his way to insult your whole grOip just so he will be able to work for free during your 12 days

I don't buy that in a million year


I was considering using Gate1 so I'm reading some of their reviews. I find it strange that comments # 3 and 5 both say "Do not hesitate to use this company!" in exactly those words. I wonder if it is Gate1 posing as customers writing these positive reviews..


I have also noticed the same wording over and over in complaints and a note from the site manager that at least one of the complaints has been proven to be bogus/probably from a disgruntled/former employee.

I would take all comments here with more than a grain of salt.


We are considering a trip to Morocco, but i am concern about gate 1 travel.. it seems as if the company is a lower tier one that cust cost and dont deliver what they promise.... Any comments?


Just returned from Gate 1 trip to Turkey. Great guide, wonderful tour.

No complaints at all.


We traveled to Turkey with Gate 1 in March 2009. We had an amazing trip, stayed in great hotels, beautiful, knowledgeable and intelligent tour guide, and no issues what so ever.

Our friends completed tour to Israel in May 2010, they loved it.

Do not hesitate to use this company! Can't bit their prices.


An Open Letter to Gate 1 Travel:

I have reservations for two passengers to take the 14-day affordable Thailand trip, departing Tuesday, May 18th at 1:35am. Until now, Gate 1 has satisfied me with their communication with clients concerning the volatile political unrest in Bangkok right now.

However, within the past 48 hours, Bangkok's situation has taken a turn for the worse. The US Embassy has closed their doors, they are evacuating the family members, and Bangkok has issued school closures and threatened curfew. I would EXPECT that Gate1 would be keeping fully abreast of the situation so as not to put their travelers' in harms way. I have placed multiple calls to the emergency line because I no longer feel safe traveling to a country where people are being shot at by sniper rifles in the street, blockades are being setup around the city's perimeter, and travel is becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous.

After receiving a call back from the emergency personnel, I have learned that even after speaking with the owner and manager of Gate1 travel, a resolution has not been decided as to what the policy is regarding changing or canceling my trip. I am slated to leave within the next 34 hours and have no direction as to whether the tour is departing, whether Gate1 is traveling to the location, and no customer service as to changing or canceling my trip, which I no longer feel safe taking. Again I would have expected that Gate1 would put their clientele first, and recognize that this is neither a safe location nor an appropriate time for travel to Thailand. However, instead of making a pre-emptive strike to keep their passengers safe, they have put me on "hold" informing me that I will get a phone call tomorrow morning (placing it about 14 hrs from my departure time).

My disappointment in the customer service aspect, as well as the company itself, has led to a full loss of trust that Gate1 has my best interest at hand.

I hope to resolve this issue quickly, and hopefully without consequence. I did my duty as a passenger to call before the 24 hour window had expired, will they do their duty to compensate a reschedule or cancellation, or am I out the three thousand plus dollars that I've put forth to this trip simply because I'm considering my own safety first?

@They don't put safety first...

So how was this resolved?

My son was in Thailand honeymooning one Nov...the airports closed due to civil unrest, and they were stuck in a hotel room for a week.


They we're told by a taxi driver to buy a bus tix to Malaysia, to cross the border, and to buy a flight Malaysia to Japan.

They did all that and made it home! It cost these young kids thousands...and OUT OF POCKET, but they arrived safe and sound! We celebrated Thanksgiving a week late that year!

The turkey nevee tasted better to our family!

Unfortunately...they were only able to use their Japan-home leg. Even if they had insurance, they did not get a cent back for the unused Bangkok-Japan leg!!! They were told that civil unrest weren't covered...go figure!!!

They were NOT using G1 for this trip. It happens!!!

I recommend G1 travel HIGHLY.

Next month we will be on our 7th trip with them...no complaints. Best tour company we have ever used!!!

@They don't put safety first...

I would never go to Thailand... not a safe country!


We traveled to Turkey with Gate 1 in Februaury 2009. We had an amazing trip, a sweet and intelligent tour guide, and no issues what so ever.

This was our second tour with Gate 1, the other to Croatia, and we are planning a third to Thailand.

Do not hesitate to use this company! Great value for travel.

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