We had the worst vacation in Spain recently. The guide was nonchalant and absent most of the time.

He used to say: Here is my cell phone, call me if you need help. The flights were uncomfortable and long. The food was the worst ever with bad choice of restaurants. We were left on our own to explore the cities.

After arrival to the U.S., we complained to Gate1 Travel. It took a month for them to respond. They had many alibis, and they rewarded us with $50 discount redeemable next trip with them!!!!

No way. That was an insult.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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Don't ever use Gate1 Travel especially in Spain. I used them in Italy.

Thay were OK. The guide was very nice.

Better rent a car and be on your own. Good luck.


Hey, what exact trip did you take? we are thinking of going to spain with gate1.

used them in italy, was a good trip. Jim


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