Think Twice about whether to even VISIT that country!

primitive roads shared with Cattle and rickshaws

You WILL get dysentary especially when the guide Virendra has you eat lunch outdoors with flies all over at truck stops. Also the Hotels with a few exceptiohs were pretty marginal. The Pugmark of Rathembore Jungle had NO heat and it Does get cold there in December! the Lotus of Udaipur was an "upgrade" I'd hate to see what a downgrade looks like! One VERRY rickety elevator poor service at the restaurant and noisy parties at night!

The historic hotel in Kota had NO teapot no bottled water and they wouldnt fix the TV reception

Also the Guide shlepped us to LOTS of rug and gift shops for his kickback. ALL guides do this but this particular trip was particulary egregious.

The elephant ride in Jaipur was terrifying sidesaddle affair.

Go semi independent take trains between major cities. Don't waste your money1!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

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Having spent 3 weeks in India on our own during Feb 2012 - no Gate 1 - I have to comment on this post. I traveled with a Chennai native. We were both women in our forties. First of all, India is a very dirty country filled with very nice people who are quite poor and are brought up that it's every person for themselves. This is true in every third world country I have been to (and first world countries too!) I traveled to the N, S, E and W of India in those 3 wks and can say the hotels are for the most part very poor quality - remember that their rating system is vastly different from ours making a "3 star" hotel really a 1 star, and a "5 star" varies from an actual 5 (rare) to a 3 or 4 star. The elephant rides up the fort are fun, but they are not easy necessarily.

The trinket shops are overpriced and sell very cheap quality. You have to bargain! The Taj is wonderful and on my bucket list to see so I'm glad I went. Don't waste time paying for a safari in Ranthambore - you will not see any tigers - they keep killing them. DO see the ancient temples and forts! I am a seasoned traveler and was lucky not to get sick because I was OCD with washing every fruit with soap & water, then drying thoroughly with a napkin (which are hard to find in India, so I took extras from restaurants) then peeling the fruit! Do not eat salads, or anything that could have local water in it, unless it's hot coffee, tea, etc. Wipe the water off the plates or banana leaves at serve-yourself restaurants! Brush your teeth w/bottled water. I did all this and only got a cold as I tend to do when exposed to so much diesel (we did too many auto rickshaws).

India is definitely not for everyone, and the roads are a mess, so keep this in mind if booking a guided tour - you WILL be late to places! Overall I'm glad I saw this interesting country, but really have no desire to go back anytime soon.


Lol, this person must lead a miserable life because gate1 provided the best vacation and best value I have ever had by far. India was magical.



I went to India with Gate One also, the accommodations were great, transfers as well. BUT, the country itself is dirty.....I also got sick while there, was sick for 12 days.

Be careful where and what you eat!! I love Gate One tours, am looking for a new trip.


I went to India with Gate1travel for 8 days to New Delhi Agra and Jaipur. I could not believe the hotels and theservices for the amount I paid!

I dont know how they do it. The Taj is something to admire and the magnificent entrance on the elephant to the Jaipur Palace was over the top. I will advice to be careful with the phrase "Some of our passagers have asked me about so and so" This is the personnal agenda of the savy guide to make additional money I dont blame them they always need extra money. But you have a choice.The stores are expensive and a lost of time and money.

But please experience the magnificense of this country so different to everything you have seen till now. I cannot wait to book my next vacation with Gate 1


Did Gate 1 provide bottled water? This is a huge concern of ours before booking the same trip you discuss. Thanks.

Thomas D

has anyone recently taken the gate one trip to india and nepal, and if so, how did you like it? We are planning this trip next January, and was wondering if Gate 1 was ok, or is there some other travel company you can recommend? we would like and escorted tour.


travel tom

@Thomas D

Oct. 8, 2013

Just back from a Gate1 trip to India. It was superb. Yes you get bottled water. I can't say enough about how smoothly our trip went, how great the hotels were, and how knowledgeable our tour guide Rachana was. This was my first land tour and first Gate 1 tour, most of the 24 people in our group were repeat Gate1 travelers and had nothing but raves for them.

The country of India is third world with cows on the streets, ugly hovels and garbage strewn roads BUT it is also full of treasures like the Taj Mahal. Wonderful trip and Gate 1 did a terrific job.

Susan Traub

Cheshire, ma


Spent 3 weeks in India and never got sick accept for a cold the group passed around. Traveling in a third world country requires one to have a lot of flexibility and tolerance, but my husband and I seem to have those traits. We loved it and learned so much about this important country and its up and coming global market.


No that's *** Third World countries like India Morocco and Mexico need to get their act together and have clean water and not use human *** for fertilizer! Do you know how many Natives of that country die of dyentary and cholera every year?

They even have polio and plague their fer chrissake!

And don't get me started on the souvenir hawkers at ALL the sites! They need to be eliminated!


Get a life. India is beautiful!

No, it is not as hygienic as some countries. But you should not miss out on it's many wondrous sites and lovely people and culture. It is a great travel experience. Remember, we Americans are very lucky to be so modern and clea.

But most of the world is not. That doesn't mean we shouldn't travel!


Gate 1, or no other Travel?tour company can be held responsible for India's culture


Get over it! Some people shouldn't even think about visiting India if they want everywhere to be ultra-sanitized for them, like the USA.

Everyone in the world doesn't have a refrigerator, airconditioning and a four-wheel drive. Next time you should plan a visit to the Atlantis Resort or equivalent fairy tale, which will be perfect and not upset your delicate sensibilities.

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