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Gate1 cancelled my flight 3 days after I booked it. I had a very cheap price, and they emailed saying that they were sorry but their system is faulty and the price wasn't correct.

Gate1 is a joke that cannot ensure decent basic ticket booking service. Absolutely not professional at all. I suspect that they actually make money by trying to sell you tons of various insurances of all kinds to protect you against jokes like them. I guess if you don't buy insurance, they cancel you out if your ticket was too cheap.

First time of my life that I see this happening on a long transatlantic flight. They'd better sell tickets to go to the nearby circus. Stay away from these joke. To be more precise, this is the Gate1 website:

I have attached the email I received.

It is in German, but you can translate on Google translate. Basically this says that the price was too low and they cannot afford to issue the ticket. Also that they use faulty systems that returns incorrect price. So I'm wondering how such clowns are actually in business if they cannot deal with a hundred of dollars worth of price difference.

Incredible. The most dramatic is that such business even not able to cope with a few dollars price difference can get online terminal access to take your money from your credit card. They said they will refund, so far it is too early to tell if they will and when, since this just happened to me.

So while my credit card is now low on credit (since they charged me) I now need to book another ticket, but now my credit card has less balance off course. Keep this in mind before booking with them, just in case they cancel you out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Gate1travel Cons: Did not honor the deal they gave me.

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Hello, We are sorry to hear of the issues you experienced with the flights you purchased however based on the link you provided you did not purchase these tickets through our company. We are Gate 1 Travel, a U.S.

based tour operator. The company you booked through is Gate 1 which appears to be a European consolidator and have no association with them.

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