My mother and I just returned from the 8-day French Riviera trip with Gate 1. We began to feel very uncomfortable and itchy during our plane ride home.

Upon arriving home, we went straight to another family member who is a doctor and were diagnosed with bed bug bites all over our bodies. I have since reached out to the hotels we stayed at as well as Gate 1 management, and no party is willing to take any responsibility for this. The hotels claim that their hotels do not have any bed bugs and Gate 1 basically told me they couldn't do anything because we hadn't reported anything to the hotel management while we were there. I was really offended by the lack of compassion and understanding as to how miserable this post-tour experience has been.

It's nice to know that by pay up front Gate 1 really means there is a time limit as to when they will stop caring/taking responsibility for whatever happens while you are on a tour with them.

My mother and I are still recovering over a week later. I will never forget this memory and I have the scars all over my body to prove it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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If you been bitten by bugs. You should knew it right the way.

As you said you start inches on the plane that means the *** is somewhere between from the transfer to airport and the plane.

The hotel should be ok. Otherwise you should felt inches in the morning.


Welcome to traveling 101 !! I am an international traveler with family in the hotel industry.

Bed bugs can be found in some of the finest 5 star hotels domestic and international. If you travel, it can happen. Yes, it is uncomfortable and kind of *** but trust me, I'm in medicine..,you'll have a complete recovery! And NO, your travel agency is not responsible for this...be reasonable.

Good luck proving your case with the hotel, not going to happen. I highly recommend bringing your own sleep sacks from now on!


You could have been exposed the bed bugs in the cab or van on the way to the airport. If that happened, then you would be responsible for exposing all of the hotels that you stayed in to the bed bugs.

Maybe you should be more careful! Yes, all of the hotels that you stayed in should be contacted so they check for the damage that you may have caused.

Really, how can you get upset at the hotel or Gate 1 Travel? They did not bring the bed bugs in....some guest like you did!


If you got bitten on the plane, that means the bugs were on the plane. Period.

There is no other option.

How was your trip otherwise?


Bed bugs can originate in many places- not just hotels. There could have been some on the plane- afterall, how do you think people bring them home?

I always research the hotels I stay in- and check for signs of bedbugs. You cannot hold travel companies accountable for everything.

In this day and age with the ban on DDT, beg bugs are just something us travelling souls need to prepare for.


We have been in continuous correspondence with our client and the hotels involved about this issue.


It is very hard to prove where you got bedbugs from while traveling. There are several bedbug reporting sites on the web, and you may find complaints about your hotel or the plane.

As far as the self-streilizing bed, thats not the only place they'll go ...

headboard, pictures, night stands, lamp, alarm clock, etc. If you think you brought them home, get them treated before it gets out of hand.


Wait! It's not over!

With a good probability of carrying in a few nymphs, it will take them a while to mature and reproduce. The self-sterilizing bed is designed to get them before they get you.

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