Although Machu Picchu was awe-inspiring, this is a review of the tour company called GATE1.

GATE1 uses local people for their tour guides to Machu Picchu/Cusco/Lima tours. Raul F.B.C.was my specific guide.

He was terrible. A local, uneducated native that is completely incompetent. His explanations were disorganized, long-winded and filled with personal opinions and religious superstitions that he imposes onto his guests. He believes that Western society has destined his people to a life of poverty and hopelessness that they can never recover from.

He is constantly asking for tips to help overcome the poverty. In addition, he is slow and disorganized; for example, he spent 20 minutes counting the train tickets repeatedly, over and over again while we all waited to get in the line to take the bus to Machu Picchu. He gets side-tracked and rambles on subjects that have nothing to do with the original topic. He spends too much time talking to friends that he sees around town.

He spends too much time pushing his personal friends businesses onto his tour groups. He gets overly emotional and passionate about what he believes as if he were giving a speech from a Shakespeare production, this sometimes includes tapping on objects in museums, etc. He does not keep up with current events nor does he have an adequate knowledge base for current events.

Also, he will does not believe in honoring any request/deviations made by guests as he believes that everyone is "chosen" to be in the place that the universe has currently given to them. This guy needs to be retired.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

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Thanks for making an effort to share your experience. Sorry about your poor experience.

We will definitely look for other tour company other than Gate1 for our future trips.


you sound like a ***-up ignorant snob and have no sense of the kind of privilege you benefit from, and at whose expense it comes from


I'm nervous now! We have a Ecuador trip coming up in January 2015.....When you are on vacation, you do not want to be 'commercialized' to death!

Hoping we have a better experience:-) This will be our first experience with Gate1.


We have traveled with Gate one to Ecuador on a day trip and loved every min. of it.

We had a wonderful guide and really saw a lot. Don't worry you will have a wonderful time!



I meant 10 day trip.


We certainly regret any disappointment with your guide. Please be assured that we do carefully evaluate each guides performance and will continue to closely monitor this situation. We have made our overseas office aware of your comments to ensure the proper measures are taken for future programs.


A group of us were thinking about going to Spain with Gate1. After reading this thread of comments, we have decided not going with Gate1.

Thanks for sharing your horrible experience with Gate1. This saves me tons of frustrations and disappointment.

Company like Gate1 should really do better to pick their local guides who can actually do a good job. No Gate1 for us for sure.


having done 6 trips with gateone I feel for the money spent a great deal, I always book with a travel agency and have no problems. Ask for rooms near elevators, always given, suitcase wheels broken off in South Africa, new suitcase. Richard and I love Gate One, are booked for Australia, new Zealand and Ayres Rock in May.

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