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DON'T DO IT - worst trip ever. The itinerary is not as stated as there was supposed to be lots of free time to explore on our own.

Our tour guide made sure that did not happen and we had little to no free time as he used that time to do what he wanted to do. A 30 minutes stop to see a movie theater turned into three hours as the tour director decided we need to sit and watch a movie as is was a new release that he wanted to see - no one traveled all those mile to spend their free time in a movie theater. In Udaipur we were to have the afternoon to enjoy on our own - he did not even get us there until 8:00 pm - he went way out of the way to bring us to a truck stop for lunch and then double back to where we were. One lunch that was supposed to be on our own we were dropped off at a carpet demonstration for 2 hours and were given a stale cheese sandwich and warm soda and that was lunch on our own (I respectfully declined and went without lunch that day).

The tour guide was rude, controlling and condescending to the point he would tell what to order when we were a lunch and dinner - even when they were own our own. He held us captive on the motor coach as much as he possible could.

Stops at sights were brief because he felt it was too hot - we were in India of course it was hot. Our group nick named him "Colonel Klink".

India is a fascinating destination and I will go again but with a reputable company so that I can enjoy the experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel 15 Day Classic India With Ranthambore Tour.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Gate1travel Cons: Tour guide and itinerary changes made for his best interest.

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I'm so sorry you had such a terrible experience. We did the same tour in January 2016 and it was fantastic.

Our guide was wonderful and everyone gave him extra big tips at the end because he was such a wonderful guide. He did a couple of little extra things that everyone really enjoyed, making us all feel more connected to India. We were a full tour of 30 people and I was worried this could be a nightmare, like trying to wrangle cats! The group was sensitive to each other and no one kept anyone waiting.

Our guide also managed to round us up without feeling pressured.

The sights, sounds (& smells) were presented in a comfortable way, so we could get the best out of a country that is often difficult to travel in (this was not our first India trip but it was our first time there on a tour).

We thought the hotels were all very good and so was the daily breakfasts and occasional dinners. One complaint was the Holiday Inn in New Delhi while a modern nice hotel, it was way too far from anywhere, actually, in the middle of nowhere closed in by 2 freeways and no people! Can you imagine India with no people--well, this hotel managed to find a place. I'm sure they got a good deal but the location was awful.

Luckily, it was only one night and from then on, perfection!

We enjoyed this tour so much we are leaving in November for Gate 1 South India tour.

I hope it's as good as the first India tour. We also had a sensational Gate 1 tour to South Africa a couple of years ago with another excellent guide.


We do regret to hear of any disappointment with your recent trip and we would like to review your concerns. As such, please contact us directly via our "Contact Us" page on our website and provide your reservation details. We will be happy to investigate further.


Another canned/cookie cutter response from Gate1Travel.

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