My son and I took the Gate 1 tour of Italy in December 2010. Leaning Venice our group was warned that our luggage would be transported from the hotel to the bus via boat and we should take our valuables out of our luggage in case our bags fell into the canals (which we were told had happened previously). My carry on bag had been virtually empty (to carry home souveniers); I filled it with all of my valuables from my suitcase. My son had been at a semester aboard so his carry on was filled with four months of memories and souveniers and school work (research on his laptop). En route from Venice to Florence our tour stopped at a vineyard in Tuscany - a farmhouse in the middle of the countryside. The tour director told us that the bus driver would stay with the bus and that our belongings were "perfectly safe" so we left all of our valuables in our carryons on the bus while we toured the vineyard.

While we were gone our bus was ransacked. The bus driver did NOT park the bus in the vineyard courtyard - he parked in down the hill, out of sight, on the main public road (we were NOT told he would do this). The bus did NOT have an alarm to alert of tampering (we were NOT informed that there was no safety system on the bus) and our driver left the bus unattended even though it was out of sight and he had no alarm system to alert him of danger!

Everyone on the bus lost valuables from jewelry to laptops to iphones and ipods and ipads to passports and money. A couple on their honeymoon lost almost everything and my son lost four months worth of work and memories.

Gate 1 did not ask the police to come to the crime scene and we learned two days later that they had not reported the theft at all. Gate 1 gave us no emergency funds or even calling cards - I alone spent several hundred dollars calling credit card companies at international rates to cancel my cards.

We have spent the last few weeks trying to get Gate 1 to assume responsibility for their negligence and to reimburse us for the losses that will not be covered by each of our personal insurance coverages (like high deductibles, lost cash, etc.). Gate 1 actually sent me an email saying they gave me replacement toiletries when all they did was ask the hotel front desk for a free toothbrush for me!

DO NOT USE GATE 1! They do NOT secure your belongings on their busses, nor do they assume any responsibility for their negligence. I alone will be out several thousand dollars for my losses, losses that should easily be covered by Gate 1's liability insurance yet they have not offered to compensate me one dime.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Location: Yonkers, New York

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Didn't these travelers pre-purchase travel insurance? Duh!

While dining in an upscale restaurant nera Milan, Italy, my expensive Nikon camera was stolen.

"Stuff" happens. I filed a claim and included my receipt for the camera) upon my return to the US and was reimbursed 3 weeks later.


If the valuables were left on the bus upon the tour director's instructions, the tour director becomes responsible. When out of familiar surroundings tourists rely on the advice of those in authority. This guide was the "hands on" authority.


I agree with the comments, but I was not happy that they did not report the robbery. Rental car companies and hotels all try to say "Loss items", instead of theft.

You are a fool to leave stuff on a tour bus, but every time, I have things taken from my Hotel room, or left it in a Rental car when I returned it. It is amazing how quickly they find it, when you call the police to report a theft.


absolutely agree with both of the above comments...you don't leave your valuables at home, why would you do so on vacation


I have been driving chartered buses for 20 years all over the U.S.A. and theft happens everwhere.

As the bus driver I know this and even when I stay on the bus and sleep while the passengers enjoy the scenery...I always tell everyone that THEY are responsible for their valuables on the bus. Anything still locked under the bus and the bus itself are MY responsibility. I think people need take responsibility for themselves and stop expecting everyone else to.

Another thing...who in the heck leaves their passport on a bus??? You're just begging for trouble.


Who the *** in their right mind leaves valuables anywhere except on your person??? You're in a foreign country ***.

Your MONEY AND CREDIT CARDS AND PASSPORTS should be on your person at all times. Why would you expect the Tour Company to be responsible for a theft on a bus in a foreign land? Negligence? On who's part?

Robbers are going to rob regardless. Another typical greedy American looking for a handout.

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