I wanted to give my wife a surprise birthday gift---a trip to Buenos Aires. I booked with gate1 two months earlier, paid for the trip and they told me that I was locked at that price.

The day of my wife's surprise party she was happy when I gave her the news that we were going to Buenos Aires, a place she have been wanting to go. We were scheduled to leave 10 days after the party. 5 days prior to the departure I get a phone call from gate 1 saying that the flight departing Texas via Mexicana was cancelled and that they can get me on a differenct airline carrier American but I had to pay an addition $600. I told them that I booked two months ago at that price and that was not my fault that Mexicana cancelled.

They said then if I didn't go then i would loose the money I already had. Even it was their mistake they didn't want to refund my money. To make a long story short after several phone calls back in forth they finally give me the money and never apologize. This is the worst travel company.

I use the internet to book my trips and never had problems until I used Gate 1. I don't RECOMMEND this travel company. If you want to avoid head right before your tril.


Monetary Loss: $3000.

Store Location: Austin, Texas

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Not G1 cancelling. IF you didn't buy insurance, you need to take something like this up with Mexicana.

I'm on my 7th reservation with G1.

Never a problem with them.

I have been traveling around the world for 45 years. By far, G1 is THE BEST from all tour companies I ever used!


How is a canceled flight Gate1's fault? Airlines cancel flights, not travel companies. Gate1 or any travel company has no control over when a flight is canceled.

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