Please bring plenty of extra money as the gate 1 Moroccan trip cost well over a thousand dollars for tipping as they suggest 7.00 dollars a day for your guide 2.00 dollars per day for the helper and 3.00 a day for your bus driver so our small group paid over 2,700.00 in tips not counting every bathroom and every porter nor camel leader, they are all marvelous people but gate one needs to be a little more honest about a paid for guided tour as the folks on the tour are actually paying all cost unless 2700.00 for thirteen days is average wage in Morocco but it's 700.00 per month, so gate one is surely not paying also..

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Preferred solution: Make others aware of all hidden cost as tipping is out of control on Morocco gate 1 trip.

Gate1travel Cons: Putting 3 people in a postage size room my brother, Sister and i crammed like sardines in a rom.

Location: Navarre, Florida

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That's is a bizarrely huge amount of tips! You include the entire amount for your group but don't say how large your group was.

We just did a two week tour to India and used their recommended amounts, plus added on extra for the guide and bus driver and helper and still gave them a total of under $400 for two people. Well worth every penny. They worked very hard to keep us safe (driving) and comfortable. (Cheaper than tipping on a cruise!) Our guide told us not to tip hotel porters or other people who helped us because Gate 1 gave them tips.

We still gave a few rupees.

They work very hard to make us comfortable and they never asked for anything. Some people on our tour didn't like being nickle and dimed for camera fees at monuments but personally I don't care about a few cents here and there.


Tips is salary for seasonal workers ( tourism season is mai to september only) - ensuring guests are getting experts , devoted , happy, experienced , trustable people to be looked after.

Tipping policy is clearly mentionned on the web site and this section could indeed be easier to find from the web site-

Could it be possible to include the tips and pre- paid them?


The tips are on every tour, everywhere. Typical tip for a day is around $10-12 no matter what agency. Be glad you weren't on a cruise because you would spend $25-30 daily on tips.


In regards to the tipping, we do regret any unhappiness. As indicated in the package, gratuities are not included although we offer suggestions, based on industry standards, in your travel documents we do stress that tipping is always a matter of personal choice. With that said, we will certainly review and share your concerns with the appropriate departments

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