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Update by user Feb 15, 2017

Gate1 Travel is advertising this trip again, DON'T DO IT! It now a full year after our 2106 trip and bills keep coming.

YES, Maggiore keeps whacking the credit cards on file for unrecognizable tickets for parking, driving in Lucca, Sienna, etc. It's unbelievable. Gate !'s reply is "those Italians can be tricky"!! Seriously, what reputable company makes a statement like that.

There are so many good travel agencies out there -- STAY AWAY from Gate1. Trust me - this has been a 2 year non-stop nightmare.

Update by user Apr 28, 2016

The bills keep coming. Gate1's partner - Maggiore Car Rental continues to fraudulently bill our credits cards.

Yes, two cards, at least 6 charges on each card. The credit card companies are on alert and are listening. Gate1 says sorry, not our problem. Really - it is totally your problem.

Maggiore is Gate1's partner, It's so upsetting that months later we are still dealing with thieves. Find a reputable company - make another choice - do NOT choose Gate1.

Update by user Apr 10, 2016

The unbelievable horror of Gate1 and Maggiore Car Rental continues. The bills just keep coming.

They have the audacity to say we damaged the car and that we received tickets - neither of which is true but once they have your credit card, they just keep billing. Thank God we took photos of the car. I have travelled extensively and have never had any such thing happen to me Who does this? The credit card companies continue to back us, but Gate1 could care less.

In fact, they replied "those Italians can be tricky". Seriously? What kind of response is that. Gate1 took our money fast enough.

Gate1 booked the car.

Maggiore is Gate1's vendor. Gate1 needs to make this right and stop the madness, not make a joke of it.

Original review posted by user Jan 22, 2016

8 Day Tuscany Fly & Drive with Milan , January 2016. I just returned and warn all unsuspecting travelers to NEVER EVER book a trip with Gate 1.

Dealing with Maggiore Car Rental was a nightmare, driving the car was life-threatening, and Gate 1 provided no assistance to us whatsoever. Our first car had mechanical trouble and had to be towed away from our hotel costing us an afternoon waiting for the flat bed truck. Plus we had just fueled up the car at the cost of $70 Euro to watch it be towed away. We were then forced to pick up the 2nd car in Florence at our own expense.

Losing more of our vacation time. The 2nd car was a very small Yaris, and not the upgrade as we paid for. It did not hold our luggage and was given with a HALF tank of gas - not FULL as is standard. We ran out of gas on the Autostrada and were stranded on the side of the road for hours.

It was harrowing as trucks flew by us at life-threatening speeds. The Poliza had to come and tow us by a strap - yes, a strap - to a safe location. We waited for hours for roadside assistance to come with gas. Instead they put us on a flatbed truck - while were in the car!!

The flatbed drove us miles away to a junk yard where no-one could tell where we were or why. No-one spoke English, they intimidated us by yelling in Italian and when I would not sign the paper, they put back in the car back again on a flat bed (unreal) and towed us miles and miles away to a 2nd garage and left us there! All we needed was gas - not 2 tows, harassment, threats, and hours of terrifying unsafe driving and held captive on top of a flat bed truck. It's unbelievable.

We lost 20% of our vacation, were given an unsafe unreliable car, frightened to death being towed around for miles, and intimidated by men to pay money we did not owe. I welcome the opportunity to speak with anyone from Gate 1, Maggiore or anyone who is considering doing business with Gate 1 travel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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Stupid people don't get gas...those cars go forever on 1/2 tank! Not Gate 1's fault!


I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. Our trip was just the opposite.

Everything was wonderful. Flight on Emirates was an experience itself. Our car was fine. No problems, no extra charges.

Our hotel was nothing fancy but spotless with friendly service. Nicely located for walks to the cafe. Parking was offsite, but only about 1/4 block from hotel.

I've recommended this trip to friends. And we intend to do it again.


and the bills keep coming ... Maggiore Car rental (Gate 1's vendor) billed another 200+ euros to the credit card today. It's a huge scam and truly unbelievable.


The logical thing to do here would be to get a new card...


You just need to dispute the charges with the credit card company and then it is up to car rental company to prove you wrong...if properly handled and car inspected you should have nothing to worry about!


Thanks for this information. We were thinking about booking a trip to Italy through a Groupon/Gate 1 and have changed our minds.


You should have checked on driving in Italy. You would have learned it is nerve wracking to say the least.

I'm just a traveler myself but after renting a motor scooter in Rome and nearly getting killed in an accident, I had only myself to blame and not a tour company.

Things happen when you travel independently. The same thing could have happened to you if you had booked everything yourself.


Driving in Italy is not the issue. Gate 1 chose to partner with Maggiore - a unreliable, unsafe, unprofessional car rental company.

Gate 1's choice, not mine. Gate 1 is still investigating and claims to be having difficulty communicating with their own vendor.

The paying Gate 1 customer is the loser in this shell game.


True! I am 64 but found driving in Italy to be way safer than driving in New York City! Can't wait to go back to Italy using Gate 1!


Still waiting for Gate 1 to get back to us ... so disappointing.

And it's going from bad to worse - Maggiore Car Rental keeps billing my friend's credit card for hundreds of dollars in fraudulent damage claims to the car. Good thing we were thinking ahead and took photos of everything.

The credit card supports us, but no word from Gate 1. Take head readers.


My husband and I were looking into booking a groupon for travel with Gate1 travel, he insisted I google gate1, and I'm glad we did. The horrible reviews and no response from the agency, no return calls, we did not book. Jim & Cindy


Naturally we are concerned by your comments and would appreciate it if you could contact us directly so we may review this further.


Gate1 is not the least bit "concerned". We contacted you several times from Italy to no avail.

Gate1 will take your money, provide you with a car from Maggiore that is unsafe - in our case 2 CARS - then wash their hands of you. We met several people on this trip that had the same problem with the car rental. We lost 20% of our vacation having cars towed, were frightened out of our minds in a unsafe and dangerous vehicle, and then to top it off we were shaken down for money by Maggiore Car Rental reps. Gate1 has done NOTHING.

I have travelled extensively and have never had a such a harrowing experience.

If Gate1 is seriously "concerned", I welcome the opportunity to speak with a responsible and professional manager. In the interim, I caution everyone reading this to not fall victim to the scams of Gate1 and Maggiore Car Rental.


Not in our case...everything went great!

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