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Never traveling with them again. I have done multiple trips with them, but the last one left such a bad taste in my month, I refuse to go with them again and highly advise others not to book with them.

I booked a trip with them that included flights using their website. Two days later, I receive a call that the return flight that was shown to me was on the penultimate night listed on trip schedule and I would therefore need to change it: $50 fee from Gate 1, $150 fee for the airline (since it was over 24 hours since the flight booking, it was 150). I was confused: your website generated incorrect information to me and now you are going to charge ME for it? The service rep spoke to her supervisor for one second and said they could waive the $50 but not the 150.

I was in the middle of an extremely busy work day and reluctantly said fine, even though I knew it was wrong. Months go by, I go on the trip, I return. There were no activities planned on the "last day" listed on the itinerary or on the evening before. I once again voice my concern upon returning in an email.

I get a short response which ends with "That being said, we are unable to provide the requested refund." (To be clear, I never outright requested a refund in my email.

Just wanted to them to acknowledge that THEY were the ones at fault and it was poorly handled by them from beginning to end. And with their response, they reaffirmed this.) Look elsewhere if you want to travel and not be scammed by Gate 1.

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Flight Booking.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Please know, when making a reservation online, our system will automatically populate the travel dates. In most cases, dates can be adjusted but this would need to be done by the individual manually.

In this case, we do see that we contacted you after noticing the dates were altered online.

At that time you had to agree to make the change and accept the fees. We are sorry if there was any misunderstanding.

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