I will NEVER travel with Gate 1! I was looking into an escorted tour to Thailand.

While their packages are extensive, and their prices reasonable, I noticed something very disturbing. No matter what departure date you choose for the 15 Day Kaleidoscope of Thailand with River Kwai, the departure date the agency lists for the departing flight is WRONG! Departure is set for a certain day, the hotel transfer and first night hotel stay at your destination city is scheduled for the FOLLOWING day. The problem here is, it takes TWO days to travel to Thailand.

The flight itinerary sets the arrival in the destination city for the day AFTER scheduled airport transfer, leaving passengers STRANDED at a foreign airport in a foreign city, searching for a car that they assumed would be there to pick them up! This would also mean that passengers miss an overnight stay at a hotel that they already paid for, AND arrive on the same day that the escorted portion of the tour is scheduled to begin! In some cases, arrival time is even AFTER the tour has already begun! I contacted Gate 1 by phone for clarification on the matter.

I was told that it is the responsibility of the GUEST upon booking to notice the discrepancy in arrival times, and re-schedule THEIR OWN flight accordingly before confirming the reservation! WHAT?!!! I feel that it is OBVIOUSLY an honest travel agencies responsibility to set the departure and arrival times accordingly! I am glad I noticed the discrepancy!

I fear that others will blindly trust Gate 1 to have all of the times correct on their packages, and therefore, experience a major inconvenience upon arrival at their destination. I sent Gate 1 an e-mail alerting them to the problem and never heard back. In over a YEAR they STILL have not addressed the GLARING oversight! What's the problem here?

You can look for YOURSELF! It's in BLACK and WHITE! I also noticed that they have hundreds of reviews on their own website. All of the reviews are GLOWING.

Not a SINGLE complaint! (NOT possible!) The whole thing just got more and more suspicious the further I looked into it.

PLEASE do your research! These people ARE crooked!

Product or Service Mentioned: Gate1travel Tour.

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I looked at my documents, and see what you mean. I wouldn't have even known until I arrived which would have put me in a horrible mood.

Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!!!!!


First, let me say I have taken this tour, and it is superb. If you refuse to work with Gate 1 on this, well, it will just be your loss.

Even if you book it as shown, you get to BKK on the morning before the tour actually begins. You would have been picked up at the airport when you arrived, no problem. With that schedule, you would have missed a hotel night, that is true.

I went into BKK a full three days early, and bought the extra hotel nights from Gate 1 at less than $70 per night, and was able to do a lot of extra touring of BKK on our own.

I think this whole issue could have been easily resolved by COMMUNICATING with the supplier. You could have easily booked the flight a day early, and arrive early in the morning TWO days before the first tour activity, giving you extra time to enjoy the city.

It would have not cost you anything extra. Your loss.


When including flights on a package, our system offers all of the options available publicly at that time along with the best possible pricing. Flights are pulled directly from the airline's reservations systems and these flight schedules are created by the airline.

Upon review of the package that you mentioned there are currently two options available, for the included departure city, that have arrivals on the day of the scheduled transfer. With that said, based on the location of this destination, the itinerary is designed to accommodate travelers arriving the following day and we can certainly adjust a transfer.

Additionally, we can always review the option of departing a day early. Should you wish to review this matter further, please don’t hesitate to contact our reservations department and we will be happy to research flight options that will best suit your needs.


I have the booked the same tour that you have referred to. Gate1 called almost immediately and informed me that I would be arriving on Day 3 as I was flying out of LAX rather than San Francisco.

I worked with them to move my flight up 1 day so that I indeed arrived on day 2 of the tour. (see, not such a difficult problem to solve)

I have read so many of these reviews and have come to the conclusion that when it comes to world travel, many Americans are simply out to lunch on real world expectations. Having traveled the globe extensively for over three decades, you must be ready to be flexible, jump through hoops, and think out of the box when it comes to fixing situations that jump the tracks. GATE1 is a discount company with some fairly outstanding tours - I've gone to China, Peru, Ecuador, and France using their services and have found them to be an excellent way of "getting there" for a little more than the price of finding the airfare and hotels myself.

Your case is exactly the same as mine.

When you book on the internet it is impossible to get everything right - hence I to was scheduled to land on day 3. But rest assured, even had I not thought to have them book my flight one day earlier - my idea, not their idea, I have complete confidence my transfer would have picked me up as the on ground tour manager would have caught the concern.

Try booking with Globus or Tauck and see if the package price for flying out of the city of your choice is as cheap as GATE 1. It won't happen. Again, I have read most of the reviews on this site and it blows my mind the expectations Americans have.

I stayed at the Mecurer in France and I can attest it was "hot". No air conditioning. Like another reviewer, I opened the window and heard lots of road noise. So What.

It's Europe, they don't use air conditioning the way we do, and I was in Paris for a little more than the price of my airfare. I got over it.

I read these sites looking for real concerns so that I can make educated decisions about my travel plans. Air conditioning, arriving on day three instead of two, rude members in the group who talk to loud, or the rooms were too small are concerns that just come with the territory of cheap travel or for that matter - travel. I am hoping that maybe, just maybe, a concern such as I booked a flight to Thailand and instead ended up in India or my guide didn't show up might be discussed.

My opinion is that the reason Gate1 gets more then it should in complaints on sites like this is that it appeals to those looking for a discount - rather then seasoned travelers who have spent years traveling the world and understand that life outside of America is unpredictable to say the least. When you travel in a discounted way, expect hiccups.

I am preparing for my 4th Gate 1 trip. I wouldn't be doing so if I thought the place was a ripoff or that they did't have a good product.


I am actually an experienced budget traveler. Nowhere in my review did I complain about the size of the rooms or the lack of air conditioning in European budget hotels.

I don't know what about my review led you in any reasonable way to make assumptions about my life style. My go-to way of travel is actually to travel alone and arrange everything for myself. When I choose to travel in this way, I keep myself flexible and EXPECT to have to "think outside the box." This being said, I was not comfortable arranging and traveling a 15 day, extensive tour of Thailand on my own. Therefor, I looked into finding a travel agency that I could trust to help me with the arrangements.

I did so specifically to avoid "unpredictability" and having to "jump through hoops". That's WHY people go through travel agencies. I DO agree that many "Americans" have a hard time keeping an open mind when they travel. I am in no way one of said "Americans." I DO NOT agree that "Americans" are in any way "out to lunch" for wanting full disclosure from a travel agency to whom they have paid good money.

Again, people enlist the help of a travel agency to make sure that their travel goes smoothly. I also do not agree with your obvious superiority complex. ANYONE can travel. You are NOT elite.

I am, however, somewhat comforted to hear that Gate 1 does have customers who trust them. I will not.

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