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We were supposed to be going to Vietnam on Dec 28th.On Dec 3rd I fell and broke my shoulder bone.

I spent 4 nights in the hospital and had a surgery. I have a medical leave from work until Jan 14th. When we get in touch with Gate1, right after the broken shoulder, they said we do not have the insurance that will give a refund and the penalty is 90%! They said their providers will not give them a refund since it is 30 days before the trip.

Now I am asking the whole world, when someone is hospitalized and have a medical report, the penalty will be 90%! Is it acceptable customer service? What kind of business are they running not to care about medical report, doctor and university hospital? They made us write an email asking them for the 10% refund and accepting the 90% loss.

They will ask their vendors if they can book the same trip for another date. We begged them that we do not want the money but would like to postpone it until Jan 14th! We had 3 trips with GateOne . This was our 4th and have the 5th one paid for a trip in May.

I wish I can cancel the 5th trip but they did not agree to that one as well. I WILL NEVER DO ANYTHING WITH GATE1 AGAIN! They have very bad public relations, terrible rules, very difficult to understand cancellation and insurance policies. Maybe when one dies they will say you can get your money back in the grave!

So be CAREFUL with Gate1!

They DO NOT CARE ABOUT MEDICAL REPORTS, Doctors, University Hospitals AND SPECIAL CONDITIONS.I will never give my business to an institution like GATE1 again!

ferhan wrote the review because of return, exchange or cancellation policy at Gate1travel. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $4000 and wants Gate1travel to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was doctors and hospital report can not postpne the trip. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Good luck with Gateone it is a terrible company! They should not be in business when they can not honor doctors report, surgery and hospital stay to postpone a poor familys long time planned trip to Vietnam!


Gateone is a terroble company!Their insurance is terrible too!

They wont even postpone a trip when you break a shoulder, stay in the hospital 4 nights and had a three hour long surgery! Their advice us buy the most expensive insurance so that ehen we font hrlp and pay your insurance will pay.

Never Travel W Gateone!They are money hungry and greedy!

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1261387

Did you not read the contract that you agree to when you book your reservation that states:

Cancellation: Once a partial or full payment has been made, cancellations will only be accepted in writing.Email your cancellation to including your reservation number, full name and date of travel.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours,

call 800 682-3333 to ensure your information was received. Cancellation terms will be applied based on the date that the written cancellation is

received and based on the following dates prior to departure.

Cancellation fees apply to packages and/or services as indicated below. Package cancellation fees include airfare, except when Instant Purchase

Airfare is purchased. Instant Purchase Airfares are always subject to 100% penalty in which case only the remaining land package (or other airfares) will be subject to the fees below.

All reservations, except where specified: Up to 61 days prior to departure: $200 p.p. 60 to 31 days prior to departure: 50% of cost 30 to 2 days prior to departure: 90% of cost 1 day or less prior to departure: 100% of cost I have traveled 5 times with Gate 1 & I know going in that if I don't purchase travel insurance I am on the hook for the costs regardless of the reason.

I don't think it's fair to hold a company responsible for something you are informed about upfront.I don't purchase trip insurance & I know it's a...

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to Anonymous #1261477

We have the insurance and a doctors report and hospital stay.No one should over write a doctors report plus hospital stay plus broken shoulder.

We did not ask for refund we asked for postponing the trip. Are you paid by Gate one to answer these type of questions. It is not a good customer service and i will not be shy not to recommend Gateone to any of my friends. Are they really working with such a small margin that they can not afford to postpone a trip for 6 weeks?

This is called bad business. I read so many other complaints About Gateone not helping customers in medical situations. I hope what happened to me will happen to you one day so that you will understand how we feel. It is hardly earned dollars, we work for it!

I just wanted to postpone it with a real medical situation. Instead of helping me they are sitting on my money. Is it fair? What goes around comes around.

I am sure they will lose a lot to of business and will go out of business one day! I pray for that!

Gateone is a terrible business, they are sitting on my hard earned dollars and no one is helping me or suggesting any constructive solution.I will not recommend Gateone to anyone I know and will write sbout them whenever I get a chance!

to ferhan #1261584

Gate1travel is a rip off comany!Never use Gate1travel!

Never travel with rhem.No insurance

to ferhan Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1261996

No, I am not paid by Gate 1, I am merely a satisfied customer after 5 trips that was explaining the other side. It wasn't necessary to wish me harm!

to Anonymous Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1262716

So that you know i have not had such a bad experience where doctors report and hospital stay is not honored. Since you like Gateone so much I wish you will have the same experience where you lose thousands of dollars and a broken shoulder and Gateone does not postpone or give your money back

to ferhan Medford, Oregon, United States #1272747

You don't understand the concept of a contract.That's what insurance is.

It doesn't matter what happened to you, what matters is what the insurance contract covers. No one looks at their coverage in detail but if you do you'll discover they did not do anything wrong.

You are being very emotional about a contractual issue.Take it to court if you think you are right.

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