Over the last 10 years I have taken 7 tours with Gate 1 and spending thousands of $$$ with the company. Last week (4/15) I tried to book a trip to Iceland with Gate 1 and was having trouble logging into my account, so I contacted a customer service rep.

and was told that he would e-mail my reservation (which I did not get). Three days later I got a call from Karen Donikowski and was told that I could no longer travel with Gate 1. I immediately asked her why, because I was totally unaware of anything I had done to warrant such a ruling. I took a trip to China back in October, 2012 and had some problems regarding getting a VISA.

I repeatedly asked Gate 1 for help and they offered none. I was working with a travel agent and he gave me the wrong advice and it ended up as a nightmare, finally getting my VISA just a few days before departure. Gate 1 sent me an apology and offered me $100 travel credit towards my next trip (which would have been the trip to Iceland). I was totally blindsided by being told that they no longer wanted my business.

They offered no reason -- just telling me that was the way it was and that maybe I would receive a reply in a month or so. I also e-mailed Danny Pipano, their CEO and was told that he was out of the country. I have never been treated this was and never been banned from a company. I also called Christina Shiloni to inquire why and was told the same thing.

She was the person that sent the apology and offering the future travel credit. I still have that e-mail on my computer. I was never notified that a decision such as this had been made. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and I plan to not stop until I am given an answer as to what I did, because I have no idea.

My travel companion still books with Gate 1 and she was with me on the China trip. I guess it all comes down to "DON'T COMPLAIN" because they don't like it and will ban you from booking future trips. I will not do business with Gate 1 but I do expect an answer.

There are a lot of other fish in the pond to book with and I don't need Gate 1. Carolyn eyar@rocketmail.com

Reason of review: AN EXPLANATION.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Gate1travel Cons: Poor customer service.

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

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I had a complaint about Merrill Lynch and they told me to remove my account. so, much for goof balls.




No they don't have to take me as a client but they do owe me an explanation. They agreed and I got what I asked for. Happy traveling to you OrlandoJr.


The complaint with Gate 1 has been resolved. I was told that it was a misunderstanding.

I did get an apology and they have reinstated my booking privileges. Carolyn in Kansas City


Glad to hear there was a misunderstanding and has been cleared. Unfortunately, the entire distress over not being able to book with Gate 1 could have been avoided by someone at Gate 1. Empowering the agents there to conduct a root cause analysis and responding to the customer with the root cause would have avoided this being posted.

Thank you Carolyn for posting the positive outcome.


American Enterprise and freedom is a great thing. Gate 1 does not have to take you as a client, and they have decided not to.

Apparently you could not obtain a visa timely, but blamed them for your problems: "I repeatedly asked Gate 1 for help and they offered none." How could you even think this, much less vocalize it when their website clearly states: "IMPORTANT: You are responsible for obtaining the proper travel documents for the destinations on your itinerary." How can you blame them, even indirectly, when it was your failure to follow through on your responsibilities that caused the visa problems. Apparently they had enough of you.

Try this on as the reason you cannot travel: Customer has responsibility to obtain proper VISA but fails to do so. Then customer repeatedly asks us to do something which is her responsibility - not once, not twice but repeatedly.

Then when we in effect told the customer to grow up and take responsibility for obtaining the visa, she instead whines and complains that we won't do anything to help her, when it is clearly set forth as her responsibility. Who needs that kind of customer.

Their problems far exceed any benefit to the company...... JrOrlando


If this is your response to your customers you deserve to lose business. Thank goodness I read this because I almost booked a $14,000 trip with your company for myself and family.

You have just lost 3 potential customers; and they are not members of my family but friends.

Total lost to your company is over $30K. Work on your customer service skills and you may be able to avoid this from happening with other prospective customers.


We value our client's feedback and use it to improve the quality of our services. With that said, please know that any comments or responses made by Gate 1 would include our name and do not reflect as anonymous.

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